A Sixth Sense

Z.65 Vision Collaborative is a development, advisory and management company that makes dreams, ideas. It is a collaborative of inventive thinkers whose aim is to imagine, create and develop simple sophistication for the real world.

Z.65 is a story of Claude Attala and Marco Caporilli, who were drawn together by a shared dream; a dream that became an unforgiving passion; a passion to start a development, advisory and management company that would create something new and that would define its own standards, and in time, something remarkable.

At Z.65 we are visionaries, dreamers; and we are conversationalists and storytellers, too. We are storytellers most of all — our stories we speak in architecture, because good design has a story to tell. Design has to arrest, stop people where they stand, and it has to make them wonder; there has to be awe. We believe good design is a conversation. We converse with people through our work. We want people to listen to what we have to say with every single one of their senses.

That concept is Z.65.

Z.65 is a gathering place where brilliant ideas visit, feel welcome, make themselves comfortable, stay and become friends; Z.65 is a place where the traditional and the modern rub shoulder-to-shoulder together with grace and warm sophistication and where great ideas feel at home.


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