The Z.65 Development Company

Ask tellers of tales worth their salt and they will tell you that a story is more than just the tale it tells. Apart from the subtle mix of ingredients that grace great stories, there is the impact they make.

The best buildings, like the best stories, have tales to tell. And if they are good enough, they become part of the lexicon of architecture — folk tales that are passed down from generation to generation.

We craft our projects as great storytellers craft their stories; not just on a fancy, written down in the heat of the moment, but in a carefully etched-out plan that not only has something to say, but is really needed and has real niche value in the market.

And then, we create — just like the writer — not a random assemblage of words, but careful setting, characterisation, dialogue and structure.

At Z.65 Development, 'art' and 'science' are two inseperable facets of the same idea: imagination. And the best things imaginable always derive from the collaborative.

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