Next Generation Living

'We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.' — George Bernard Shaw

Words are like shoes: they can be worn out though there is still utility in them. Some words, as ground down and grubby as they might be from overuse, still have a place.

Innovation. Sustainability. Conservation. Three words that have almost become cliché, yet within the tired consonants and overworked vowels, they have value; still embody integrity.

Z.65 Next Generation Living is the realisation of that commitment to integrity. It is that place. It is that reinvestment of value in not just words, but in a commitment to the future that starts now.

Z.65 Next Generation Living is the creation of a new breed of luxury properties that has learned the lessons of an extravagant past, and works towards a future that respects responsibility while still pleasing the heart and the eye.

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