Vision Collaborative

'Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition.'Freeman Thomas

'E pluribus unum', said Parmenides: 'Out of many, one'. At Z.65, our vision is collaborative, bringing together the marvelously creative talents of a diverse group of professional artisans.

We are Z.65. We are Vision Collaborative.

We are diverse. We are legion. We are one.

  • QEG solution

    We create sustainable, high-performance construction materials that not only protect our planet and it population but will also last for generations.

  • Brand Creative

    To forge your brand on your interior spaces requires a power that possesses the strength of steel, but the malleability of gold.

  • Cracknell

    A network of creative, technically integrated teams. Local and international knowledge and expertise. Cracknell is the international planning and landscape architecture practice.

  • Ramboll

    Ramboll leads in engineering, design and consultancy, because creativity and insight because our way of imagining new ideas comes from our belief in our people's inherent abilities.

  • Teresa Sapey Studio

    Architect and interior designer, Teresa Sapey squeezes the act of creation into spaces that communicate ideas and generate emotions both inspiring and useful.


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